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I'm having a heck of a time finding Free Resume Templates that fit into the type of resume that I am doing! How about you?

I have been trying to update this resume of mine for these 2 job interviews that I have coming up and I seem to just sit here at my computer with a blank stare having absolutely no inspiration! I'm thinking I'll just take a shortcut and use
Free Resume Templates
that are available all over the internet and just plug my information from my old beat up resume from 1991 into it.

So I decide to take a break and go get some air along with a tall boy to sip on (It was a 100 degree summer day in Texas) and ponder what I was going to do about this resume situation here.  As I strolled along I let the thoughts just cascade from my brain into my reality, over my shoulders and onto the hot pavement below. DING! I think i got it!
It hit me like a ton of bricks! I knew at that moment what I would do! So, I get back to my computer, pull up my antique resume in a window and let it sit there in all it's faded glory. Then I go and look around the internet for resumes from the year 2007. I find 2 or 3 formats that I really like, formats that say "Yeah that could be my resume!". Then I bring up a brand new document and name it "Derek's 2007 Resume" I can sense the blood rush to my head as I am excited that for the first time in weeks I know exactly what I need to do!

The solution was simple. I take the 3 formats that I liked and I extracted the elements I liked out of each of them into my new document! Then I arranged the elements a way that they looked the best. In this case it was Name & Address, then Objective, Then Skills, then Employment History followed by Education. Then I took the data from my antique resume and pulled it into my new format and PRESTO!
In less than 30 minutes I was ready to go! I actually was such in a creative mode from that little moment of inspiration that I was kind of bummed out that it only took me 30 minutes. So, I decided to keep the creative juices flowing and wrote a killer report on negotiating your salary:

"Salary Negotiating Secrets"

So, I'm ready to go on the job hunting front and just remember when it comes to templates just say NO and create your own!


Derek Todom

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